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Jan. 2006:  The DRI has published several wonderful videos/articles on their site.  To access them, go to:  http://www.diabetesresearch.org/Newsroom/IntheNews/

Dec. 2005:  Rachel is scheduled to speak at the JDRF Gala in Jackson, Ms. on Jan. 21st, 2006

Oct. 2005:  The DRI has a new web address:  www.diabetesresearch.org

Sept. 2005:  We are sad to announce that Diabetes Station is closing down :(  Rachel has been a moderator for the station for the past several years and each of the Miami5 have been a guest on the show at some point.  Deb Butterfield, the founder of the station, has decided to close down the site--you can read her message at:  www.diabetesstation.com.  Her dedication to 'cause' over the years is SO appreciated!  We wish her the very best! 

July 10, 2005:  Cindie Gittleman (islet recipient from the DRI) will be a guest on Diabetesstation.com on July 10th to discuss her medical ID jewelry.  For more information go to:  www.diabetesstation.com (program schedule:  Teen Talk: Cool Medical ID Jewelry with Cindie Gittleman)


June 2005:  Rachel will be a guest speaker at the JDRF's Grandparent's luncheon in Atlanta, Ga.  For more information go to:  www.jdrfgeorgia.org

April 30, 2005:  Rachel will be a guest speaker at the JDRF's Sugar Show at Six Flags, Atlanta, Ga.  For more information, go to:  www.jdrfgeorgia.org

April 28, 2005:  News Release - Link to Article about a LIVING DONOR and Insulin-independence:   http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140673605663830/fulltext

April 1, 2005:  The DRI was featured on NBC News for their breakthrough regarding Stem Cell and Islet Cell Research!  Ken Tenbusch is also featured in this segment.  To view the video clip, go to:  http://www.drinet.org/html/march_1__2005.htm

March 18, 2005:  Rita, Ken and Gary all attended the World of Hope Conference in Miami in February!  For more info: see www.drinet.org

Dr. Norma Kenyon of the DRI was recently a guest on www.diabetesstation.com for a live chat.  To read the transcript go to the website and click on Archives.  You can find the chat via Dr. Kenyon's name.

Cindie Gittleman, a recent islet after kidney recipient at the DRI was also a guest on Diabetes Station recently.  Her chat has also been archived so feel free to read about Cindie!

Sept 10th:  A few more photos have been added to the photo page

To read the Miami Herald Article featuring the DRI (Rachel included) go to Rachel's page

Kenny Bernstein update:  Kenny has been EXTREMELY busy this summer....to learn more about what he's been up to, go to Kenny's Page!

Sept. 7th:  New links have been added to Rita's page!

Sept. 5th:  Look for an article featuring Dr. Alejandro and Rachel to be published in the Miami Herald next month...exact dates to be posted later!

Sept. 1st:  New links have been added to Rachel's page

Aug. 18th:  Rachel cebrated her 3rd year anniversary being insulin-free this month!  She was featured in CBS News in Miami and CBS in Atlanta as she is now considered to be the longest 'insulin-free diabetic' in the nation!   year anniversary which she celebrated this month!  

July 31st:  The DRI and one of their islet cell recipients was featured on NBC Nightly News last week.  To watch it go to the link below and follow the directions:

After clicking on the site, scroll down and go to News, then NBC News, after the icons appear go down to about the fourth row and click to view.

July 23rd:  Rita Hart will be the guest speaker on Diabetes Station on Monday July 26th at 9pm est.  Tune in to ask Rita questions or just say hello!!!

July 10th:  Rachel will be interviewing Dr. Camillo Ricordi (Her doctor from the DRI) on Diabetes Station on Monday, July 12th at 9pm est.  Tune in to ask Dr. Ricordi questions during this live chat!  Also, if you miss it, you can read the chat under the ARCHIVES section on www.diabetesstation.com

June 14th:  Rachel will be hosting a new show called "Islet Inquiries" on Diabetes Station.  The first show will be on June 14th at 9pm est with special guest, Dr. Christian Larsen from Emory's Islet Cell Transplanation Program.  Feel free to join the chat!  Also, on June 28th, Kelly Garrison, an islet cell recipient from Emory will be Rachel's guest!  www.diabetesstation.com

May 22nd:  A new photo has been added to the Photo page of Rachel and some of the physicians at the DRI

May 12th:  Kenny Bernstein's bio page has been added.

May 11th:  Bios on Gary Kleiman and Ken Tenbusch have been added!

A new photo of Human Islets have been added to the Home Page thanks to Gary!