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How Can You Become an Islet Cell Recipient?

The Most Frequent Asked Question We Receive Is "How can I Get an Islet Cell Transplant?"

Currently, there are many centers in the world doing islet cell transplants.  Islet cell transplants are done via clinical research trials and are still considered experimental.  You must apply and be accepted into a clinical trial.   Please note that each center has DIFFERENT acceptance criteria.  The first step is to contact a center and request an information packet/application.  A list of all of the centers is available at:  http://www.isletservice.org/centers.htm

Receiving an Islet Cell transplant is not necessarily for everyone...it is a big decision that should be carefully considered.  Each of us featured on this site consulted with our family, family physician, and endocrinologist.  We do NOT advocate that every diabetcic should pursue this treatment, we are simply sharing our own personal stories. 

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